A Living Wage for Los Angeles Hotel Workers

Passed 9/8/2014

WHEREAS, a living wage is necessary for working families to live quality and healthy lives in the City of Los Angeles; and

WHEREAS, Los Angeles’ hospitality industry is a thriving and crucial sector of our economy bringing 18 billion dollars of revenue in 2013 alone; yet it is also the region’s largest low-wage job provider, where 40% of LA’s hotel workers are living below 200% of the federal poverty line and 55% of hotel workers are qualified for some form of public assistance; and

WHEREAS, an increase in wages for workers at hotels with more than 125 rooms would impact almost 15,000 hotel workers and give them greater spending power that could be reinvested into local businesses, stimulating the economy from the ground up while setting a precedent for future wage increases in different industries across the city and the country; and workers should be assured of receiving the tips intended for them;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley supports a minimum wage increase at LA’s largest hotels with over 125 rooms to a living wage at $15.37/hour with annual cost of living adjustments, five paid sick days per year and tip protection; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley will send this resolution to Mayor Eric Garcetti, Council President Herb Wesson, and Economic Development Committee Chair Curren Price.