Burbank Democratic Club

Web Site: www.burbankdemocraticclub.com

Club President: Josh Goodman

Our Purpose
— Endorse local, county, state, and national candidates whose platforms are consistent with our democratic principles
— Provide a platform for candidates and legislators to speak about their vision, goals, proposed bills, issues, and solutions
— Aid fellow Democratic groups statewide
— Participate in the California Democratic Party and California Democratic Council

— Gather, provide information on current and proposed local, county, state, and national legislation
— Endorse proposed legislation that is consistent with our democratic principles

— Provide a friendly, open, and respectful environment for like-minded citizens to gather, debate, and socialize
— Help us to achieve a fair, just, and safe society by joining or donating to the Burbank Democratic Club now!

How often we meet: Our club usually meets on the last Thursday of every month for club meetings, and at other times for activities such as picnics, ice cream socials, and parties. During the holiday season in November and December, a party may be scheduled in lieu of a meeting.