Diplomatic Relations with Saudi Arabia Resolution

Diplomatic Relations with Saudi Arabia Resolution

WHEREAS the government of Saudi Arabia has been strongly implicated in the torture and murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and remains one of the most repressive and totalitarian regimes on the planet, including abuse and oppression of women, minorities and other marginalized groups; and

WHEREAS the Saudi actions interfering in the civil war in Yemen have contributed to what many consider the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, and led directly to horrific civilian casualties, including hundreds of children, using weapons manufactured and sold by American companies; and

WHEREAS continuing to help arm, fund and otherwise support repressive regimes with oil-based economies helps contribute to the climate crisis and increases extremist anti-American sentiment abroad;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley strongly encourages American policymakers to reconsider our diplomatic relationship with Saudi Arabia, halt all arms sales to Saudi Arabia, immediately end all implicit and explicit support for Saudi intervention in Yemen, and suspend all purchases of oil from Saudi Arabia until it implements truly democratic reforms including protection for free speech and journalists and implementation of truly open and fair elections with universal suffrage; and

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Party calls on American policymakers to act immediately to research and develop renewable energy resources with the aim of achieving energy independence, protecting the climate and re-evaluating our codependent and hypocritical relationship with human rights-abusing petroleum-based regimes.


Logan Smith, AD38

Sam Sukaton, AD53

Bathsheba Raqs Willenbring/Elizabeth Castillo, AD63

Ryan Skolnick, AD38

Amar Singh Shergill, AD9

Casey Robinson, AD50

Joel Frost-Tift, AD59

Melinda Amato, AD59

Spencer Dayton, AD9

Johannes Muenzel, AD24

Glenn Glazer, AD29

Lauren Bier, AD77

Debi Evans, AD41

Michael Kapp, AD45

Steve Bott, AD50

Ilissa Gold, AD50

Hosam Haggag, AD25, Arab American Caucus Northern Vice Chair

Zach Denney, AD13, Central Vice Chair, CDP Progressive Caucus

 Iyad Afalqa, Chairman, Arab American Caucus, AD74

Allison Groves, AD35

Kathy Patterson, AD 41

Gus Sustaita, AD54

Ana Gonzalez AD47

Mike Van Gorder, AD 43

Rafael Chagoya AD 53

Mani Kang AD 68

Jon Katz, AD50

Shanna Ingalsbee AD 43