Iraq Resolution of 2007

Passed 12/05/2007

WHEREAS the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, on 6 March 2006, resolved “that the U.S. acknowledge that it is time to change course in Iraq and bring our troops home”, and

WHEREAS the American electorate expressed a similar resolve in the mid-term elections of 7 November 2006, and

WHEREAS it is generally acknowledged that Iraq is now caught in the anarchic chaos of civil war,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the U.S. vigorously pursue an Iraq policy of re-deployment, reconciliation, reconstruction and recovery.

The policy would require:

1. Re-deployment of U.S. troops out of Iraq to commence by 20 March 2007 and be completed by 20 December 2007.

2. All work on U.S. military bases in Iraq to cease immediately.

3. An international stabilization force, preferably drawn from countries in the region, and at the invitation of the Iraqi government, to provide security on a temporary basis, during and immediately after the period of American withdrawal.

4. U.S. diplomatic initiatives supporting the achievement of political agreement among Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis on governing Iraq.

5. Regional diplomacy, involving all Iraq’s neighbors in the process of stabilization.

6. U.S. responsibility for gathering financial resources, including the help of European and Asian allies, for the reconstruction of Iraq infrastructure. Open bidding on all contracts, including renegotiating all contracts entered into between Iraq and the U.S. for the exploration, development and marketing of oil.

7. Active U.S. encouragement and financial commitment to suitable international or non-governmental organizations which will directly assist Iraqi recovery in the areas of its health system, education, vocational training and housing.