Protect the Integrity of Voting Procedures

Passed 08/29/2005

Whereas Chapter 4, Article 5, Section 15360 of the California Elections Code requires the ability for a hand recount of ballots, with ballots by definition having specific size, thickness, security markings and durability- elements which have led the Secretary of State to recently oppose paper verification of electronic voting machines, and

Whereas approximately four fifths of all computerized voting systems hardware and software are manufactured by just two related, openly pro-Republican companies, and

Whereas electronic systems are vulnerable to electronic fraud both via pre-emptive programming and during an election, by the manufacturers’ personnel or via wireless communication, and, further, as such fraud can also be used to compromise any paper vote confirmation,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley demands that California’s Secretary of State and county election officials conform to Section 15360 by requiring elections to be carried out only with the use of traditional hand-counted paper ballots (with exceptions to accommodate physically disabled and non-English language voters as required by Federal law), or by allowing the use of computerized electronic voting equipment- including a voter-verified paper trail and excluding any external connection, wired or wireless- only if such systems are programmed with non-proprietary, publicly produced software (known as “Open Source” code) and administered in a transparent, public, non-proprietary manner (known as “Open Voting”).

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, in light of Los Angeles County Registrar Conny McCormack’s refusal to acknowledge reasonable concerns on the above issues, DP/SFV should communicate these concerns directly to the LA Board of Supervisors and should also communicate our lack of confidence in the Registrar’s commitment to protecting the public’s vote, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution be provided to: members of the California Democratic Congressional Delegation; the Democratic Caucus of the California Legislature; all members of the California Democratic Party Central Committee; leaders of member organizations in the California Democratic Council; Chairs of the Assembly District committees; local elected Democratic officials and County Registrars.