Democratic Unity in the 2006 Elections

Passed 04/03/2006

WHEREAS, there is great public dissatisfaction with four years of Republican rule, brought on by the DeLay and Abramoff scandals reflecting a Republican culture of corruption, the failure of FEMA to effectively respond to Hurricane Katrina, the illegal wiretapping of Americans and the ever-worsening quagmire in Iraq due to the failures of the Bush Administration and the Republican-controlled Congress, and

WHEREAS, Democrats are positioned to take back up to 20 seats in the House of Representatives (and 4 to 5 Senate seats), putting them in the position of regaining control of the House for the first time since 1994, when the Republicans presented a unified and cohesive message with its “Contract With America,” and

WHEREAS, the Democratic Party, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Democratic Senatorial Committee have presented their “Real Security” national security plan, but have yet to present a complete, unified and disciplined Democratic message for the 2006 general elections, perhaps hoping that mere dissatisfaction will win the 2006 elections rather than a distinctive and clear statement of a Democratic vision based on progressive values of opportunity, equality and seeking a secure peace,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: that DP/SFV calls upon Democratic leaders, activists and organizers to work in unison to present a unified, cohesive and clear message to America to draw a distinction between Republicans’ and Democrats’ values and agendas, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: that DP/SFV will cooperate with the Democratic Party (to the extent such cooperation is permissible by law) to advance that message and elect more Democrats.