Opposing Rollback of Public Employees’ Collective Bargaining Rights

Passed 4/2/2012

WHEREAS Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, after signing $117 million in corporate tax breaks, has wrongfully blamed public employee unions for the state’s budget shortfall, and proposed not only cutting public workers’ benefits but eliminating their collective bargaining rights altogether, and

WHEREAS Wisconsin state workers and their supporters have risen by the tens of thousands to protest this attack on working families, camping for days in the State Capitol Building, and the Democratic State Senate caucus has left the state in solidarity with workers, to prevent a quorum for a vote on the offensive legislation, and

WHEREAS Wisconsin’s workers are on the front line opposing a multi-state Republican attack on workers’ rights, public employee unions, Democratic allies, and the social safety net,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (DPSFV) strongly supports the right of public employee unions to bargain for the wages, working conditions, and benefits of their members, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that DPSFV stands in solidarity with its brothers and sisters in Wisconsin and other states in favoring budget policies that create good jobs, grow the middle class, and protect the vulnerable via a durable social safety net.